Sunday, October 11, 2009

An Geimhreadh 2007-2008

Nearing the end of my pre-move-in date pictures. One relatively unique feature of this house is the attached garage. These two views show the carriage doors and a close-up view of the garage interior. All four double-hung windows are finished out with the same style fir casings as the interior of the house. The interior walls are finished cement, with a rough stucco texture and a rich ochre yellow paint. Over the years, the paint job has suffered a bit, but eventually we'll repaint and try to match the original color. There are two coal shoots in the garage that originally accommodated the dual heating systems when the house was a two-unit dwelling. A heat vent also opens into the garage.
Cars in the early 1920s were pretty narrow compared to new models. My VW fits, if you only need to open the doors on one side. Pulling forward until the front wind screen contacts the tennis ball on a string apparatus ensures the door will close. One slightly sad sacrifice was replacing the old carriage doors with an overhead garage door and opener. Years of pushing those old doors outward into the Montana snows took their toll.

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