Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An Samhradh 2006

Continuing with second floor tour. Left of the upstairs bathroom, you'll enter the kitchen (future sewing/guest room). Floor here is covered with some great original linoleum. The brown/beige marbled-paper pattern is quite attractive, so it's here for the near term. Cabinets are constructed of pine with a mahogany stain, although it's a bit lighter than the built-ins from the other rooms. Like garments, old house features always come back into style, like the ironing board cupboard. It's also a keeper. In fact the only thing we removed in this room was a stainless steel sink and the painted cabinet it was housed in. We were able to locate a vintage kitchen sink to replace it. The new old sink is a close match to the original (this confirmed by former tenants).

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