Thursday, June 28, 2007

An Geimhreadh 2004-2005

This entry marks the point at which I abandon my original plan to post text and photo for each month in the new-old house. The whole purchase date (Samhna 2003), move-in date (Lunasa 2005), blog initiation date (Eanáir 2006) disconnect and documenting in retrospect was a bad idea. Until I reach the point where the postings reflect current dates and projects, I’m consolidating, summarizing, and posting one entry per season. So, one more room on the first floor tour. The first of these two pictures was actually taken prior to our move in date. For reference I’m including a few more kitchen shots even though they were taken after we’d moved in. In the second shot, the lovely red carpet visible in the earlier dinning room shots has been yanked up. Plans for this room include incorporating the original painted pine cabinets, although the shallow sink and drainboard original to the kitchen will be replaced. You can only maintain those purist standards up to a point. A dormitory-sized fridge, microwave, and 24-inch electric range make the small space functional until the other priorities are crossed off the list.

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